Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh. It is the Commercial Capital City of Bangladesh. The surrounding mountains and rivers make the city attractive. Karnaphuli River falls in Chittagong. The largest land port of the country, “Chittagong Port”, situated in Chittagong. That’s why Chittagong is the city for export and import. Most of the lajirge industries of Bangladesh are situated in Chittagong.Chittagong, is an ideal vacation spot. Its green hills and forests, its broad sandy beaches and its fine cool climate always attract the holiday-makers. Described by the Chinese traveler poet, Huen Tsang (7th century A D) as “a sleeping beauty emerging from mists

and water” and given the title of “Porto Grande” by the 16th both the descriptions even today. It combines the busy hum of an active seaport with the soothing quiet of a charming hill town. Chittagong is the country’s main port city.

We are some of the people born and brought up in chittagong city who became powerless over drug addiction and our life became unmanagable. By the grace of god we found NA path way to start and continue our recovery journey.

We the NA groups of Chittagong have agreed and joined together to create a structure which develops, coordinates, and maintains services on behalf of NA as a whole.

The first ever Chittagong Area Service Comitee of Narcotics Anonymous herein after called CASC-NA formed 0n 20th November,2012

The enlisted groups Chittagong Area are: Karnaphully,Light of Hope,Shampaan,Survivor and Rhythm of Life.

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